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Recovering From Crisis: Herbal And Nutritional Support Made Easy!

Recovering from Crisis: Herbal and Nutritional Support Made Easy!

It was hot and dry on the day my home stepped into chaos. The guys had been off on their mid-summer camping trip, the one that usually marks the end of the busy summer season and the beginning of my six weeks of rest and relaxation before School, Harvest, and Work pick up again.

I was feeling like parts of my life were falling apart. We’d enrolled my boy into a high school, so my tenure as a homeschooling mom was at it’s end. My plan was to use my six weeks to get through the grief and transition of letting that go and start building a new career for myself. I’d just gotten my first order of whole-food capsules. I’d installed Indesign on my computer and was planning to learn how to do some graphic design. I was reading herbal books and starting to think about how to reshape my herbal career. I had a lot of options that all felt pretty exciting. Then, the call came.

Our landlord told us that we had 60 days to either buy our home or move. The housing market for both buying and renting was the worst we’ve ever seen it. We had been small business owners for near a decade, so getting a mortgage was almost out of the question. He didn’t want to carry the financing, so we were propelled into a chaotic, crazy scramble for housing. For three weeks, I struggled to stay calm. Mostly, I didn’t. I wept. I grieved. I hung onto brief moments of hope, then plunged into despair anew. My guys were just as upset, so I spent a lot of my energy on helping them to stabilize, too.

I can count on one hand the number of times in my life when I’ve been in such deep crisis that eating became difficult. I love food. When I’m down I have a wonderful list of comfort foods to help me get through it. In intense crisis, though, my appetite completely abandons me. It’s hard to choke down 1000 calories a day. For someone of my size (manly, as in I wear a Men’s Large to Extra large!), that’s half what I need to be healthy on a daily basis. The summer of the Housing Crisis was truly a deep crisis for me.

Recovery from that kind of appetite disruption usually looks like three times as many days as I spent in crisis ravenously hungry. If it was only a week of poor appetite, then for the next three weeks I will be hungry all the time. I’ll crave high calorie foods, and I’ll feel completely worn out when I’m not hungry. So all I’ll want to do is sleep and eat. It is hard to function through the recovery period. Three weeks into our Housing Crisis, we found a solution (help came in ways we couldn’t have dreamed up!) and my appetite returned. I was expecting every inch of nine weeks of recovery time. Instead, I had one. Just one week.

Mike Dooley said, “You can’t expect to see the miracles on the Journey. You only see them after you’ve arrived.” It wasn’t until we’d nearly arrived at home ownership that I began to recognize the impact These Products had on my ability to recover from the intensity of the previous season. After reviewing the way I’d handled this crisis compared to others, I realized that the only tangible difference was that these whole-food capsules had arrived two days before the crisis ensured, and I’d taken it faithfully through the duration of both crisis and recovery.

These whole-food capsules are concentrated nutrition derived from vegetables and fruits. Pretty much, they extract the nutrients from each blend of fruits and veggies using cold extraction methods, creating a healthful juice they then dehydrate and encapsulate. The company says what they’re selling is food, not nutritional supplements. That may be the case, but I’m pretty sure their food is chock full of nutrients. It’s the only realistic explanation I can conceive for how they helped me recover from crisis so swiftly and easily.

When you reach a point where you’re not eating enough (or well enough) to get all the nutrients you need, one of your body’s natural responses is intense hunger. For someone like me, whose body naturally tends toward the more robust, that hunger lingers until the energy and nutrients that were lost are replaced and then an extra layer of fat has formed just in case crisis happens again.

Through crisis, solid nutrition is key to regaining balance quickly. Fruits and vegetables are the most important piece of that nutrition, but they’re often the last foods we turn to in crisis. I did what most of us do through our family’s housing crisis; I ate what was easy, like burritos and pizza, and what was fast, like potato chips. Juice Plus helped buffer those bad choices, offering my body a quick, concentrated burst of fruits and veggies in a form that was easily digestible. When the crisis had passed, my body was much better able to re-stabilize, and getting back to my old eating habits was far easier than I could have dreamed. Could I have used other methods to get the nutrition my body needed? Sure. I could have relied on herbal teas, for instance. But, amidst that level of emotional upheaval, I needed a solution that was easier, simpler, and faster so I could follow through.

Mike Dooley was absolutely right. These products were one of the miracles that arrived on my journey that summer, and I didn’t see it clearly until after I’d recovered and we’d arrived at the table to sign the mortgage papers and become homeowners. If you’re interested in learning more about These Products, feel free to contact me.

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