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Natural Wellness Is A Journey! (Part 1 Of This Wellness Journey)

Natural Wellness is a Journey! (Part 1 of This Wellness Journey)

I’ve been on a Wellness Journey for what seems like my whole life. By the time my son was just four years-old, my hormones were so unbalanced, I was certain I was in perimenopause. Doctors urged me toward birth control pills to balance my system, but they also warned that I’d be more likely to gain weight. With so much scarring around the size and shape of my body from my youth, I wasn’t having anything to do with anything that would make it harder to make healthy choices!

Instead, I focused on eating healthy, eliminating foods that can contribute to imbalance, and worked with natural healthcare practitioners to “fix” my body.

Much of what I did helped…a lot. I discovered a lot along the way, and I cleared a lot of the stuff that most often contributed to unbalance. I realized that there isn’t really something to fix as much as there is a balance to be struck.

I used modern tools, like a fitness tracker and food log to help re-set my mind’s eye for portion sizes and stay real about how much activity I was actually getting and what the calorie burn from that really looked.

I found that as the pounds came off, my hormonal swings lessened and as my hormonal swings lessened, the pounds came off. I learned to feel good about saying no to so many foods, activities, people, and even thoughts that didn’t support the radiant, healthy, fit woman I knew I can be. But…

Tracking all those calories and living by such strict (self-imposed) rules wore me down. Last summer, I decided to take a break from the tracker and meal-logging. I’ve always wanted to make this whole weight-loss journey about re-shaping my mind and my lifestyle to make it easy to maintain the healthiest version of me possible, including a body that feels good.

As of June 2017, I’d lost 25 pounds and had finally dipped into the 190s, which on my frame and with my muscle-structure at the time was about half way to my goal. I was feeling terrific about my progress. I figured a few weeks off from the constant tracking would give my mind and psyche the break I needed, then I’d be right back to focus by summer’s end.

Weeks became months…

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