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Health, Microbiome, And Weight Loss: Part 2 In This Wellness Journey

Health, Microbiome, and Weight Loss: Part 2 in This Wellness Journey

How do you measure health?

For me, it’s partly about my weight, partly about how I feel in my body, and partly about my mental-emotional state. I can sum it up as the level of Joy I feel living in my body each day. Today, my Joy-level is lower than desired.

The past few months have been filled with stress and change. I pointed to that a few weeks ago and tried to tell myself that’s why I lost sight of the right rhythms between food and movement to keep my body feeling fit and slim. In all honesty, though, I’ve got to acknowledge that this year and especially these last few months have been probably about as stressful as most any other.

Life’s full of challenges. How you approach them and manage your emotions and thoughts about them is what determines how stressful they are and how that stress will affect your body.

If I’m being honest, my mind’s actually doing okay with the changes in my life. Sure, I’ve experienced stress, but not any more than in years previous. I’m kidding myself when I point to the stress as the primary reason I’ve gained weight and lost fitness over the past nine months.

The truth isn’t that I’ve had more stress or I’ve “been bad.” I’ve actually come a long way in terms of managing stress and finding good tools for holding emotional and mental balance even when my life’s full of drama and chaos. Over the past nine months, I’ve continued to tend to my health in meaningful and heart-centered ways.

The truth is that my body’s not quite ready to make right choices easy for me, and I delayed in picking up the tools I had been using because they’d become more like a chore than a joy. I knew last fall I was starting to gain weight. I knew last fall my idea of portion-size was growing. I knew, too, that the cravings that pushed me toward poor choices were slowly and ever so subtly gaining strength.

It turns out, that Doctor Mitra Ray is right. I’m not driving my gut. My gut’s driving me!

Health is all about bringing balance to the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Today, the many living organizms that make up the community of my gut’s microbiome are out of balance. They’re much closer to balance than they were two years ago when I set out to lose 45 pounds, but they are heading in a dangerous direction.

I can see my Joy-level is going to continue to dive if I don’t do something about this situation. Sooner rather than Later.

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