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Healing With The Herbs Of Life By Leslie Tierra

Healing with the Herbs of Life by Leslie Tierra

Best Audience: Herbalists of any level interested in beginning with Chinese Herbs and TCM-style herbal approaches

Healing with the Herbs of Life is the book I wish I’d had about a decade before I found it! If you’re intrigued with the philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and long to get a better handle on how to apply it to herbs…especially western herbs…this is the book for you.

Leslie takes time to explain the basics of Chinese herbalism, including how diagnoses are made and how to formulate based on pattern recognition. Then, she offers a modest materia medica including both Western and Eastern herbs. The Eastern herbs she covers are, for the most part, fairly easy to get in the US without special licensing, which makes them a great introductory set with which to work if you’re new to Chinese herbs.

The real gem of Healing with the Herbs of Life is the conditions and tables of symptoms Leslie offers for the conditions she most commonly sees in her practice. There is a wonderfully wide range of conditions, well worth a thorough read as Leslie weaves symptoms and challenges Western herbalists treat independently into many of the patterns she describes. I found a lot of insight into the hows and whys of applying certain herbs to some of the conditions that had frustrated me when I approached them from a purely scientific-modern Western approach.

If you’ve never picked up a book on TCM or want to gain a better insight into the actual application of Chinese theory to herbalism after reading one of the classics like Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine or The Web That Has No Weaver, you’ll be pleased with Healing with the Herbs of Life.

The Bottom Line: Healing with the Herbs of Life has earned a permanent place on my bookshelf.

Click on the Link above to buy a copy of this book and a small percentage of Amazon’s profits will go to yours truly. Thanks much! I surely do appreciate it.

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