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Get Healthy And Raise Your Joy-Level: Part 3 In This Wellness Journey

Get Healthy and Raise Your Joy-Level: Part 3 in This Wellness Journey

What I know beyond doubt is that I feel better about myself when I feel free. In my Body, that means being able to move easily and not feeling restricted by my clothing or my shape and size. In my Mind, I feel free when my thoughts can soar when I let them and settle when I ask them to quiet down. When I’m filled with Joy, my Spirit feels free. Freedom is key to health for me.

I let go of my tracker and food log in an effort to feel more free. My mind relaxed and felt better, but my body has suffered. The end result is that I traded one restriction for another. What I want is to eliminate all the restrictions. But how?

Tracking tools, like my fitness tracker and food log, are where I’m starting. They may feel restricting, but I know they’ll help me get back to the rhythms of eating and moving that will lead me back toward health. Over the next few months, they’re going to be part of my support team–never judging, just telling me what my playing field looks like and offering insight into the best choices I can make to attain my goal.

I’m also blessed with a program called the Shred 10, which helps kick-start dietary changes in a way that feels good. I’m shredding for the first half of May and again for the first half of June (If you’d like to join me, contact me!). The first few days of a Shred can feel pretty bad, but after the detox phase passes I always feel empowered and vibrant.

I’ve decided to support my shred and encourage my microbiome to find a new balance with a probiotic blend recommended by Nutrition Specialist Yakov Levine. He rightly pointed out that if I really want to regain health in my gut, the right blend of microbes will be key. Probiotics are a long-term project, so I’m committing to giving them at least 18 months to bring my digestive system back into balance.

With my first Shred under my belt, I’m going to add some regular exercise to my days. I have plans for a little weight training, some taekwondo, and maybe some solo-fitness workouts alongside daily yoga and a weekly session with my Yoga Therapist, Will Mitchel, aka Yoga Will. The key is to up the number of minutes I spend working out each week some but not to wear myself out or let workouts stop me from pursuing my passions, like creating fiber arts, teaching herbal students, and doing consults on health and wellness with folks who want to transform their lives into the Health they’ve always dreamed of.

I’ve got a reasonable plan to re-shape my Body, Mind, and Spirit. It’s got enough flexibility to allow for the crazy twists and turns my life often takes. It’s rooted in a clear goal that goes well beyond numbers, scales, and data so it can sustain me even when the going gets tough. And, the tools and practices I’m using are backed by science and experience, so I know not only that they’ll work but mostly how they’ll work. I’m confident that over the next few months, I’m going to up my Joy-level and Get Healthy!

What’s your plan to Get Healthy Now?

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