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Deeply Rooted By Bonnie Rose Weaver

Deeply Rooted by Bonnie Rose Weaver

Best Audience: Herbalsits and Gardeners wanting to grow herbs in the city

Deeply Rooted by Bonnie Rose Weaver is a delightful beginner’s guide to starting a city herb garden. If you’re living in a warm climate, like San Francisco, you’ll find the planting calendar and suggestions absolutely perfect for your area. Those of us living in more northern climates need to make some adjustments, but Bonnie’s approach is still inspirational and useful.

I loved the monographs in Deeply Rooted. They’re short and succinct. Each offers a few ideas on how to use and grow as well as a little on the Spiritual and energetic aspects of the plant. Bonnie also offers a couple of herbal recipes specific to working with Asthma from her personal journey you might want to try. As a more advanced herbalist, you might find some inspiration from her work; it’s like a trip down memory lane to those early days of studying the plants and becoming excited by the many ways nature heals.

Deeply Rooted is an easy and enjoyable read filled with reminders of the joy of getting started with herbs. I recommend folks who are new to growing and using herbs or those who feel intimidated by the prospect of growing herbs give Deeply Rooted by Bonnie Rose Weaver a read. If you’re more advanced, Deeply Rooted can serve as a good textbook for students and apprentices or as an enjoyable Sunday read.

Bottom Line: Deeply Rooted by Bonnie Rose Weaver has a place on my bookshelf for now.

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