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Dawn Redwood Magic

Dawn Redwood Magic

When I first touched a Dawn Redwood tree at the Mount Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene, I was kind of shocked by his energy. It was joyous, wise, playful, strong, bursting forth like a gloriuos firework that just never ends. That was winter, when most of the plants are quiet and the tree energies generally flow sluggishly up and down. Dawn Redwood was distinctly different.

My Dawn Redwood Medicine bag is all about reconnecting with that primal wisdom that exudes joy.

I looked into the medicine of this tree, expecting to find at least something about how native peoples used it or modern science has studied it. I found nothing. Dawn Redwood was lost to humanity for centuries upon centuries. We thought he’d died out long before Homosapiens walked the planet. We discovered him within my parent’s lifetimes, just. Mid-twentieth century. So far, no one’s talked much about the medicinal properties of Dawn Redwood. What they have talked about is his connection to Renewal. As an ancient tree long thought extinct, he called to us just when we were ready technologically and socio-consciously to help him repopulate.

For me, the concept of renewal coupled with how his energy felt that winter day was like an awakening to the joyousness that comes after you’ve been through a really hard time and know that you’re safely on the other side. It felt like a celebration. That’s when I decided I needed to spend a little more time with this tree.

I’d love to plant a Dawn Redwood in my yard. Were the power lines not low-hanging in the one spot open to a new tree, I would. Since that’s not a realistic option, I decided to gather a few of his cones and needles for a Medicine bag. My Dawn Redwood Medicine bag is all about reconnecting with that primal wisdom that exudes joy, renewal, and connection with Mother Earth’s wildest places. It’s about moving beyond being human to just plain being…and Enjoying being in a fully-engaged way.

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Other Dawn Redwood projects you may like to try:

  • Try carving Runes to connect with Green Man energy, seek guidance from the deep unconsious, and to bring the most primal and Holy energies to light.
  • Plant a Dawn Redwood tree to bring that joyous zeal for life to your garden.
  • Make incense from Dawn Redwood needles for transitional times. Couple it with other masters of transition like Dandelion, Magnolia, and Motherwort.
  • Add Dawn Redwood cones, tips, or seeds to a Mojo bag for fertility or to gain a sense of renewal or rebirth.
  • Make a Journey Stick or Wand and carry it into the Shamanic Realms to partner with the primal forces of Dawn Redwood when working ancestral or past-life healing.
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