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Cleavers Magic: Tenacity!

Cleavers, or Galium aparine, is a truly seasonal herb. Like Saint John’s Wort, who shares her affinity for fire, most of her active properties are lost in the drying process. She’s related to Lady’s Bedstraw (G. verum) and Hedge Bedstraw…

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Ginger Magic

When we decided to include Ginger in our upcoming Herbal Memoir, I've gotta admit I wasn't thrilled. I mean, honestly, Ginger sounds about as exciting as powdered cumin, right? It turns out, I'd overlooked just how much Ginger-fire I had…

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Madrone Magic

Last year a heavy rain and wind storm ripped through the valley. The big Madrone, aka Arbutus menziesii, at The Catbird Seat lost several branches, and I was lucky enough to receive them. My first intention was to build a…

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Chili Pepper Magic

Every year, I'm drawn to the chili peppers at our local farmer's market. I don't know what it is about them that so entices me, but it's consistent. This year, I decided it's time to do a little chili pepper…

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