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Scotch Broom Magic

When I first traveled to the Pacific Northwest, it was spring. Scotch Broom lit the hills afire with it’s weedy, yellow blossoms. I loved it. My local guides, however, maligned this brilliant, rugged shrub. In 1850, Captain Walter Colquhoun Grant…

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Magnolia Magic

Making a wand can be as simple as picking up a stick and using it to direct your focus and attention. While that's practical, it's not as powerful or fun as taking a little more time to do the job…

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Dawn Redwood Magic

When I first touched a Dawn Redwood tree at the Mount Pisgah Arboretum in Eugene, I was kind of shocked by his energy. It was joyous, wise, playful, strong, bursting forth like a gloriuos firework that just never ends. That…

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