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Calendula Magic: A Light In The Dark

Calendula Magic: A Light in the Dark

This sunny little aster, Calendula or Pot Marigold, used to grow in profusion around my house. When we first moved in, the beds were stark and empty. As I had permission to garden as I saw fit, I spread Calendula seeds immediately, then went about filling the beds with a variety of other medicinal and beautiful plants. The mint family took hold, slowly edging Calendula out of the front bed. Couch grass and wild morning glory invaded the side beds. All too soon, Calendula was out-paced by his competitors, and I was too overwhelmed by the tasks of raising and schooling a pre- then adolescent boy, learning a new career, and supporting my man in his to help my sunny friend out.

This spring, a handful of Calendula plants have managed to hang onto two tiny patches in front and on the side of my home where they once flourished. My once huge (I kid you not, HUGE) sack of dried Calendula flowers ran out just as Mother Earth sidled into spring. Those few plants that survived are all my winter garden had to offer as my family kicked the last of winter’s colds this spring. These past few years have been hard ones for my family’s prosperity and general well-being, but Calendula stood by me as best he could through it all. I was kind of shocked when I reached into my herb cabinet for a refill of my Calendula jar only to find none there. That’s when I realized two important truths:

  1. I must start drying Calendula flowers very early this year if I want their medicine to help my family through next winter.
  2. I must start clearing out the couch grass and lemon balm to make room for Calendula in my garden once again if I want to invite both health and wealth back into my life.

My answer to that first truth was to take action. I borrowed my friend’s dehydrator and got to work on drying Calendula blossoms even before I saw the connection between the downward progress of my financial curve in relation to my dwindling supply of dried Calendula blossoms. Now that I’ve dried my first handful and thought on the matter a bit, I’ve sprouted a plan to reclaim at least part of the ground near my front door and along the side of my house for Calendula Magic. This year is going to be the year of re-establishing a healthy flow of prosperity into my coffers.

Other projects to try:

  • Mojo bag for prosperity—5 Calendula blossoms, one Fava bean, and a piece of Dragon’s Blood.
  • Tea to help clear past patterns, particularly in communication or thought.
  • Hydrosol to brighten mood, Lemon balm and Calendula—or make a spritzer with one ounce (29 ml) of Calendula infusion and .25 ounces (7 ml) Lemon balm tincture.
  • Medicine pouch for clear communication, particularly in court: Rosemary essential oil, dry or fresh Calendula blossoms, Tobacco. When the case is complete, offer the contents of the pouch to a natural place and give thanks.

For more information on the medicinal and magical uses of Calendula, see The Practical Herbalist!

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